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Agent Ticket Access Management

We know that controlling access to your ticket data is important even within your agent groups and so we have granular access permissions that can be configured to determine exactly the tickets and functions an agent has access to.

IssueCentre Agent Maintenance

On the Agent maintenance screen you will find the Brand Access setting.  All [brands] is the highest granted setting, giving the agent access to all brands that currently exist or that may be added in the future.  To restrict agent access, untick “All” and create a specific profile for the agent, pressing the “Add New” button and choosing the specific Brand, Vendor or Product that you wish to grant the agent access to.  Multiple Brand/Vendor/Product entries can be added to the create the agents specific user profile.

Another approach that may be useful for controlling access is if you group agents into fix groups (read more about fix groups here).  The View and Edit other fix group tickets permissions can be used to restrict the user to only viewing/editing tickets that match their fix group specialisms.  To use this method move these privileges into the Denied Privileges list.