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How to ensure you hit every SLA

Once your SLAs have been fully configured (see how to configure them here) IssueCentre helps ensure you never breach an SLA with the following tools.

Remember SLAs only count down during the Support hours configured on the SLA and while the ticket is not set to a status that is marked as “Suspend SLA” (e.g. Awaiting Customer).

SLA Dashboard

The SLA Monitor dashboard displays a real-time display of all tickets, across all brands, that are being monitored against an SLA.  The tickets are grouped and coloured according to their status:

  • Blue Tickets have their SLA on hold (as set by the ticket status)

  • Green Tickets are within safe limits of their SLA timing

  • Amber Tickets are approaching their SLA threshold and need attention

  • Red Tickets will imminently breach their SLA and need urgent attention

  • Black Tickets have breached their SLA

The amount of time at which tickets are to move to the Amber and Red status are configured within the SLA maintenance screen (see How to setup SLAs).

The RAG gauges on the dashboard give an indication of the percentage of the SLA that has been used up for tickets of each status.  This means that if there are multiple tickets with a particular RAG status and the RAG gauge is increasing the scale of the work to ensure those tickets meet the SLA is also directly increasing. The gauges can therefore be used as a barometer of the pressure of work that is building on your agents to ensure SLAs are adhered to.

The SLA dashboard can be displayed within its own window so that it can be displayed on a large wall screen to give it prominence to everyone in the office.

Ticket Statuses

Tickets that are being monitored under an SLA have their latest SLA status displayed on the ticket window top bar as a red, amber, green, blue or black dot.  If a ticket is being monitored for both customer updates and ticket resolution SLAs the header will display the colour of the worst SLA threat.  For example, after 50 minutes, if the resolution is targeted for 2 days but the first response is targeted within 1 hour, the SLA dot will show red as the first response SLA is in danger of breach.

Email Notifications

Email notifications can be setup to be sent to agents or managers to warn them when tickets are in danger of breaching their SLA targets.