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How IssueCentre manages Ticket Locking and Collisions

IssueCentre’s ticket locking mechanism prevents you from accidentally making changes to tickets which are already being edited by someone else.

By viewing a ticket, you will automatically lock it if it’s not already locked by another agent. You’ll be able to tell if you are the user who has the ticket locked by looking at the icon on the edit screen:


If you are the agent who has the ticket locked, the edit links will be available on the right hand side of the summary panels:

If the ticket was already locked, the padlock will show as being open with a Lock option next to it.  If the ticket is locked by another agent the Edit links do not display. You are, however, able to add events to a ticket you don’t have locked.

Unlocking a ticket

Closing the ticket screen will automatically unlock the ticket. If you want to unlock the ticket you are currently viewing without closing the window, click on the padlock icon. You’ll still be able to add events to the ticket, but you won’t be able to edit the ticket fields. You can lock the ticket again by clicking on the padlock.

An agent is able to takeover the lock of a ticket by clicking on the padlock icon within the search results.  This will prompt them to enter a reason for manually taking over the locking of the ticket.UnlockTicket

If an agent has inadvertently left a ticket locked, an administrator user is able to manually unlock tickets from the Administration main menu.  To access this screen, select Unlock from the Tickets submenu.