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When to mark an email as processed and when to mark it as spam

IssueCentre’s built in email system allows mail to be archived so you can identify which messages you’ve dealt with and which you still need to address.

There are a couple of ways to mark an email as ‘processed’. If the email is directly related to a ticket (or several tickets), you can add the email to the ticket as an event. This will automatically archive the email in the ‘Processed Emails’ folder, under the ticket’s brand and the month in which the message was received.

If the email isn’t directly related to a ticket, but you want to archive it anyway, select the email in the inbox screen, then click the ‘Mark Processed’ button. You’ll be prompted to enter a reason why you’re marking the message as processed, fill this in and then the message will be archived in the same way as if you’d added the email to a ticket.

If you decide you want to return an email from a processed folder to the inbox, select the email and click on the ‘Mark Unprocessed’ button.


Marking a message as spam will remove it from the inbox and archive it in a separate Spam folder. Visibility of the spam folder is a configurable agent privilege, so if you accidentally mark a message as spam, don’t worry! A user with sufficient privileges to view the spam folder can mark the message as ‘unprocessed’ and it will return to the inbox.