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How to personalise your view of tickets

Within a ticket, it is possible to configure the list of events that are displayed , so you only see the information that matters to you.

You can select to view any combination of events; Notifications that have been sent from the ticket, agent update notes and system updates (changes in Status/Priority/etc).

To configure this, load an existing ticket and, from the menu bar at the top of the ticket, click on the ‘Show History’ link. This will allow you to select/deselect the event types displayed.



Additionally, you can select the order that the events are listed in, either the most recent first, or the oldest first. To configure this, click on the ‘Newest First’/’Oldest First’ link in the same menu bar.

Once you have configured the ticket to your liking, click the ‘Remember Settings’ link. This will save your settings and apply them to all future tickets that you open.

If you don’t save your settings, they will only apply until you close the ticket window – any further tickets you view will have your default configuration applied to them.