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Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs allow you to monitor the management of your tickets against timescales to ensure you are providing your customers with a consistent level of customer service.

IssueCentre allows you to configure SLAs for the time taken by your agents to provide a first response to a new ticket being raised, ongoing customer updates and a target time for resolution (i.e. closure) of the ticket.

Most SLAs will only be effective during your helpdesk opening hours, however, for high priority tickets you may configure the SLA to continue operating on a 24×7 basis.

If you’re a busy helpdesk, your agents will need help in ensuring that they prioritize their time on the correct tickets in order to meet your customer SLAs.  IssueCentre provides a number of methods to help your agents meet the SLA and it automatically resets the SLA when they complete the necessary action.  The first response and update SLA for a ticket is reset when an agent adds an event to this history to an event type that has the “Reset SLA” attribute set.  The Target resolution SLA is based on the ticket being closed within the timescale.

The SLAs on a ticket can be paused by changing the status of the ticket to one that has the “Suspend SLA” attribute set.  Typically this would be the case when a ticket is waiting on a customer response and hence the status updated to an equivalent status.

The timer countdown for a ticket to the SLA continues:

  • according to the days, and times of day, for which the SLA is active (set in SLA Maintenance) OR continuously if the priority of the ticket means the SLA is to continue 24×7
  • while the ticket is not in a status that has the “Suspend SLA” attribute set

SLAs will not countdown on dates marked as Public Holidays unless the priority of the ticket means it is set to run on a 24×7 basis.

You can create multiple different Service Levels that can be assigned to tickets according to the Brand, Product or Company that the ticket is created for.  The applicable SLA and SLA timings are shown in the ticket summary of each ticket.

The IssueCentre reporting suite allows you to create extensive reports to detail or summarise the tickets that have met or breached the Service Levels so that you can measure the performance of your agents.