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Using Fix groups

Fix groups allow you to setup groups of agents that are focussed on working on a specific group of tickets.  They can be used to:

  • Separate your agents into teams that handle 1st Line and 2nd Line roles

  • Identify groups of agents with product knowledge specialisms

  • Allow a specific team to always handle a special customer

  • Allocate new tickets on a fair basis

  • Restrict agent access to only those tickets that match the group criteria

Newly created tickets that match the fix group criteria are allocated out to the agents of the group according to one of the following policies:

  • New tickets are allocated to all members of the group

  • New tickets are allocated in turn to each member of the group

  • New tickets are allocated to a random member of the group

  • The agent that creates the new ticket can choose one of the agents from the fix group members list

  • New tickets are always initially allocated to a specific group agent

Agents can belong to multiple fix groups.