An off the shelf product is usually just that – straight out of the box, it does everything the same way as the contents of the next box along. At the other end of the scale is Bespoke, where everything is tailor-made to fit your individual requirements. Here at First Option Software, we believe in […]


First Option Software, creators of bespoke software are keen to blow a few myths away. A popular misconception about helpdesk software is that it is for companies with a huge fleet of vehicles or support staff working 24/365. Whilst there are such companies for whom IssueCentre is a perfect solution, the possible scenarios for its […]


Despite what the more geeky guys on the IssueCentre team might think, the creatives down the corridor have been hard at work giving a fresh look – and it hasn’t just been a quick make-over. As with the IssueCentre software itself, which is due for a pretty major relaunch very soon, the Colouring-in Team […]

I am NOT a Robot, honestly

As the site is currently undergoing an SEO initiative, we have started receiving larger volumes of spam via a webform which sends us an email. Because of this, we needed to implement a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or CAPTCHA (I had no idea it was an initialism either) implemented on […]

IssueCentre goes Mobile Part 1 – Android

We’re really excited and proud to announce the arrival of our IssueCentre app for Android smartphone users. This first version of this simple-to-use app gives mobile users the freedom to add, find, update, or close their tickets whilst out and about. We think it’s a great addition to the IssueCentre system. Available now, and for […]

Reawakening after the Winter

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog over the last few months. With the clock’s going forward and the buds on the tree’s going pop, we thought it time to kick it back in to action. We’ve certainly not been resting at IssueCentre Tower so we’ve plenty to tell. Whilst we get the […]

2.3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of IssueCentre 2.3.1.  It’s only a maintenance release to clear up some issues found in 2.3. Customers on the Hosted Platform have been updated, customers running standalone versions can download the new version. One piece of new functionality is SLA Targeted Closure. Recently, we’ve seen the need for […]

(Not So) Standard Search

A good help desk package must be good at capturing customer issues quickly and easily. Probably more important is finding that information at a later date and for that you need Search. We have 2 type of search in IssueCentre, imaginatively named Standard and Advanced (we spent our time on the code, not on the […]

Tips – Advanced Notifications

Advanced Notifications Most of the time notifications will be used for some thing straightforward like a new ticket has being created or that a customer has added in a event. They are a great way of keeping on top of ticket activity. One powerful feature of IssueCentre is notifications fired on idle time. One scenario […]

IssueCentre 2.3 alive and well

What a great start to this blog – We’re happy to announce that IssueCentre version 2.3 has been released. As we’re making it available to you as Hosted or Self-Install. Current Hosted customers were upgraded during the move to our new data centre. Combined with 2.3, we’re releasing IssueCentre in 2 pre-configured flavours – one […]