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Multibrand Capable

The handling of multiple brands is one of IssueCentre’s most powerful features. Multiple brands allow you to create segregated silos of tickets that are managed independently, but elegantly through the same application.

Some typical examples of where this can be relevant include:

  • A company that has multiple products that stand alone on their own branding rather than the company brand

  • A white labelled company that works on behalf of its partners and needs to appear as the partners’ brands

  • A company that needs to segregate customer data e.g. avoiding agents seeing both reseller and end user customers so as to avoid conflicts of interest

Each brand is configured independently with just core settings shared globally.  This means that each brand has its own look and feel (colours, logos etc) so that customers and agents alike are completely familiar with the brand they are working with when using IssueCentre.

However because the concept of brands was built into the tool from the ground up, the ability to work with multiple brands is naturally where it is expected throughout the product.  Agents easily switch between their granted brands in a couple of clicks, whilst managers can gain a full view of their helpdesk with a global view across all brands.

The basics of a creating new brand can be done from just a couple of screens, so a new brand can be setup literally in a few minutes.

And dont go believing that brands are limited to just a few, IssueCentre is fully capable of handling tens or even hundreds of different brands.

To create a new brand follow these simple steps:

  1. From the administration menu choose Advanced > Brands
    IssueCentre Multiple Brand Maintenance

  2. Enter the new brand’s information into the empty fields.
    IssueCentre Multiple Brand Maintenance

  3. Select ‘SAVE’ to add the new brand.