Experience IssueCentre

IssueCentre gives you all the tools you need to record, manage and solve helpdesk issues. It's an off the shelf product, packed with lots of great features.

Intelligent Search

Search and find anything with a few clicks or key presses using IssueCentre’s intelligent search.  Start typing what you want to search for and IssueCentre will do the work for you by suggesting appropriate fields and values.

Your results can be presented in a tabular list view for easy sorting and management of long lists or a tiled view for great presentation and more detailed review of a group of results.

Recent searches and saved searches are available from just a couple of clicks.


Adding a ticket is a cinch – just fill out the simple form using your own preconfigured values.  Updating a ticket is equally simple with all the summary information laid out on one side and the full history of every communication and update listed in chronological order.

You've got mail

Full inbound and outbound email integration means you avoid the risk of losing emails and all the other other hassles that come with managing a shared inbox from a conventional email client.  Our, optional, semi-automatic or fully automated email processing mean that tickets can be created and updated immediately – making your agents efficient and the automated notifications to customers keep them informed and happy.

Multibrand as standard

Make IssueCentre yours by branding it with your corporate logo and colours.    And if you have multiple brands or customers that need segregating, IssueCentre’s market leading multi-brand capability means that you can switch between brands with ease and the look and feel will immediately reflect the brand you’re working on.